Does Weight Lifting Stunt Growth? (the truth exposed)

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Previously, weight lifting was thought to be a ‘harmful’ exercise by clinicians. Particularly for growing youngsters and adolescents. 

However due to growing evidence, it’s now usually accepted as a secure technique of train.

Regardless of this, there are nonetheless sceptics that doubt the protection of weight lifting for youngsters. 

The primary argument towards weight lifting for teenagers is that it will possibly “stunt development”.

Most individuals that declare this are referring to the development plates.

The growth plate is a small space of rising tissue positioned on the finish of the lengthy bones.

However do not be intimidated by the phrase ‘lengthy bones’.

This merely refers back to the arm and leg bones.

The arm and leg bones develop longer throughout childhood and even late into adolescence. 

For boys, growth potential is capped at round 16-18 years of age.

Whereas for women, it tends to be a few years prior.

Throughout this time, the expansion plates are very inclined to damage as they’re as much as Three-5x weaker than the encircling tendons and ligaments.

Extreme accidents equivalent to falls or damaged limbs can harm the expansion plates and lead to growth ending prematurely.

For instance, if the expansion plate within the femur is broken in a single leg, it will possibly trigger that individual leg to cease rising.

And that is why some individuals have asymmetries of their leg size later in life.

Nevertheless, this can be a very uncommon incidence and is definitely averted.

Most reported injuries to the expansion cartilage in younger lifters are a consequence of poor type or utilizing an excessive amount of weight.

Underneath skilled supervision, the possibilities of damage for teenagers are drastically lowered.

So briefly, weight lifting in itself does not “stunt growth”.

Lifting like a dumb ass does.

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