9 Amazing Calf Exercises For Strong & Powerful Calves

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Part of the explanation calves are so cussed, is that they get labored day by day, even exterior the fitness center.

Give it some thought:

We carry out tons of, if not hundreds of steps day by day.

And this can be a crapload of quantity for the calves.

When checked out from this attitude, it is not laborious to see why they’re so immune to progress.

The important thing then is to not half-ass your calf coaching, however to deal with it severely.

You may’t get away with doing three units of 10 on the calf elevate a few times per week…

If you’d like quick outcomes, then you might want to use a mix of extraordinarily heavy weights and extremely excessive quantity units.

One of the best ways to do that is to periodise your coaching.

I personally choose undulating periodization over linear periodization. 

It is useless easy.

All you might want to do is rotate between heavy, medium, and light-weight workloads all through the week.

For instance:

  • Monday: 5×20 (quantity)
  • Wednesday: 3×12 (medium)
  • Friday: 3×5 (heavy)

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